Online Music

Online music is a great thing for consumers we all love music, and being able to get to music online means that we can get to it easily and that we can have access to a much wider variety of music that would be available if we had to purchase it form stores. Music can be bought, stored, played, and streamed from the internet using a variety of services. Online music is becoming a lucrative market for businesses, and thats good for consumers too, because it means that we get more selection and competition.

Online Music Quality

Online music has affected music in both positive and negative ways. Though it is possible to digitize music at a very high quality, most people compress music often without even knowing it when they rip it from CDs. However, music can be stored losslessly, and so this is not a major problem. Being able to easily promote music online has allowed millions of smalltime garage or indie bands to be more successful than they otherwise could have. This means that the number of bands on the music scene has increased there are a lot more lowquality bands then would have been able to succeed without the internet, but some very good bands but unknown bands have been discovered and been able to reach large audiences.